Monday, March 24, 2008

Mavericks Go Down With Dirk

Unless you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area you probably think that Maverick’s owner – Mark Cuban, is a major douche-bag, and he is. The attention-loving Cuban is the kind of guy that buys his way into people’s lives because otherwise he’d never be invited in. But, despite Cuban’s obnoxious personality he’s a pretty good owner. There are so many billionaire owners in the NBA that refuse to spend enough to get talent on their roster, but Cuban will spend, and he has. He wants to win so badly that he’s allowed his management team to make big trades and write big checks. Of course, spending isn’t as important as scouting, otherwise the Knicks would be better than the Spurs, but Cuban has constantly tried to help his team improve.

Before the trade deadline the Mavericks moved a number of young players, including the talented Devin Harris, for the aging Jason Kidd. They believed that Kidd’s quiet leadership and legendary ball distribution skills would catapult them to the top of the absurdly competitive Western Conference, but it didn’t happen. Kidd has looked slow and uncomfortable in coach Avery Johnson’s system and their star – Dirk Nowitzki, has become too willing to let others accept scoring responsibility.

Now, with one bad landing, the Maverick’s season might be over. Nowitzki has been diagnosed with a moderate high-ankle sprain and a mildly sprained knee. He’ll be out for at least a week or two, and with only a handful of games remaining and the ninth place Denver Nuggets playing great basketball, the Mavericks could be doomed to miss the play-offs.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually feel kind of bad for Mark Cuban. It’s fun to hate a douche-bag, but only because of his douche-bag acts. This is just bad luck and it’s not his fault.


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