Friday, July 06, 2007

Hating Kobe Bryant

I recently wrote an opinion article in which I accused Kobe Bryant of hurting his team with his narcissistic behavior and enormous salary. It was strongly worded, but I didn't think it was blasphemous. Then a few Kobephiles left comments, and they were very upset at any blame of the Lakers current predicament being placed on Kobe's shoulders. I was surprised that after accusing Kobe fans of being overprotective of their egomaniacal hero a few actually did exactly that on my little NBA blog.

I began to wonder if I was a Kobe hater, as they had suggested, and I decided that ... yeah, I am. I really hate that guy. Then I looked around and found out that I am not alone. The internet is absolutely overflowing with basketball fans that aren't enamored with the Lakers humorless ball hog with a penchant for alienating himself from teammates, airing team business through the media, and at least once, cheating on his smoking hot wife with a skanky groupie in Colorado. Here are some of my new friends and their contributions to the world of Kobe hating:

- This is a blog dedicated solely to hating Kobe Bryant. It's not exceptionally witty, but it earns credit for its dedication to this important cause: The Kobe Haters Blog.

- Here is a well-written, funny piece called: The Kobe Haters' Manifesto.

Here is a picture of Kobe Bryant without Shaq O'Neal.

- Former NBA player and UNLV graduate - Greg Anthony (my personal basketball hero) - tells GQ Magazine how completely unpopular Kobe is with fellow players in an article titled: The Ten Most Hated Athletes.

- No surprise here: Kobe Tops NBA's Cry Baby List.

Here is a picture of Shaq O'Neal without Kobe Bryant.

- Oh, and about that "alleged" rape that he "didn't" commit, here's the official complaint: Jane Doe v. Kobe Bryant Civil Complaint for Sexual Assault and Rape.

- And if you didn't already know, read this from The Onion: Kobe Bryant Demanding Things Again.

- I also like when people are sure about their feelings, like this guy who writes: Plain and Simple - I Hate Kobe.

- And this guy, who informs us about The Three Faces of Kobe Bryant.

- If you don't hate Kobe, you're probably not one of his teammates. Sometimes, in parking lots, for complete strangers, Kobe Talks Smack About Andrew Bynum.

In summation, I suggest that Kobephiles not waste their time and energy writing to me with pleas that I refocus my view of Kobe's woes and accept that there is a dark, mean-spirited conspiracy to oppress this uneducated multi-millionaire that plays a game for a living. I'm not going to agree that he isn't responsible for his own problems, or that he even has any problems. I know this sounds impossible to those who are dedicated to #24, but maybe, just maybe, the only problem is that your hero is an asshole.


  1. I can't stand the guy either...

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